(This eclipse is happening on the 10th of January 2020, however we will be able to feel the current of energy starting from one week earlier)

As a child somebody or something happened that took your smile away from you little face, from those eyes filled with an unshakable Faith in Life and the enthusiasm of being nurtured and EMBRACED for who you are, fully embraced by the PRESENCE of Love. 

This is the place that this lunar eclipse in Cancer is bringjng into light. The moment when, as a little child you felt the snap, the mortification. The place from which you begun building your survival mask. This moon brings you at the second right before of its creation.

Back in that vulnerability where you felt lost, fragile, where you felt the inner emptiness.

In this moment each one reacts differently.

Your reaction was unique.

This eclipse brings you in that wound, before of the surviving reaction. To Create, and illuminate, within you 

The Archetype of the Guardian Angel. 

This is an archetype alive in each and every one of us. This is the moment of inner construction of “being our own Angel”.

Before of deepen into the explanation and going any further, let’s take a step back.

You built a reacting fake personality to no longer feel the wound. However, Life  cyclically presents you with opportunities, through situations or people, to feel that wound and the pain it carries. This pain exposes you to the Vulnerability that you fear so much, for it makes you feel naked and fragile. 


Now, let’s go back to the Archetype of the Angel.

It means that YOU BECOME that Hand on the Heart of your Inner Child. That hand that protects him and makes him feel loved,  and whispers in the ears that he no longer needs to hide behind personality patterns.

It means to choose who can approach her respecting the Sacred boundaries.

It means to be the Eye through which you discern who to share your Presence with, the Sword that protects you from being mistreated. 

The Angel is free from attachments and needs. The child instead, feels lost without affection, therefore constantly looking to attract people who can give her that feeling of “home”, the feeling experienced during childhood that attracts those personalities that will inevitably trigger the same wounds. 

Why does this subconscious research happen? Because these are the same people with who the Love bond was created. The people he asked unconditional love from. 

But It’s possible to free yourself from this vicious cycle.

If the Angel rises within you, he knows your worth and can whisper to the Child “do not allow to be depicted as YOU ARE NOT. Be discerning of who talks to you, if they are speaking of you, or they are projecting on you. Do not be dependent on what people tells of you, of their expectations. “

The Angel defines the boundaries of your identity, ends codependency, and creates a bridge between your inner child and you as an adult. Adult, in its true meaning. 

You can develop a clear and objective viewing, still maintaining receptivity toward the emotions of the inner child. You can contain them without reacting and losing lucidity by slipping into the wound.

Tha Angel is connected to the Wise, who looks at Life and its experiences as opportunities. 

The Angel embraces warmly your VULNERABILITY and it allows you to make peace with it. He shows you its preciousness and helps you releasing the fear of it. 

To be Vulnerable is to be in the unknown. In nudity. It can make you feel naked and it is the ultimate bridge to connect deeply with Life, as its child; a connection with the Divine. A connection between you as a Child and Existence as a Mother. This is a connection where you can converse with,  Ask, and open to receive Love, to discover what it means to be truly Loved. As you did feel before of your birth: an Essence merged with All that is, All that is Love. With no superfluous elements or separation. 

To feel this Love you need to be naked without fearing it.  You need to be willing to Stay, without reacting to that feeling of closure, and open yourself to Life.

The Archetype of Cancer in its deepest and purest form is the one of the Child in the arms of the Mother Goddess…connected to the flow of Life; simultaneously receiving and giving, sharing, becoming parent of the world, welcoming, nurturing, and being capable of embracing any emotion…and at same time to be Child of the Divine. 

This archetype doesn’t fear emotions but embraces them. He’s Child and Parent, of himself first. 

This eclipse brings up from the shadow anything that interferes between you and the direct connection with Life (not with survival). With the flow through which you connect with the Manifestation Plane. That flow that makes you feel perpetually connected with the frequency of Come-Unity with All that is, where All cooperates with you. 

Until now, your personality has looked after your authenticity and protected with a screen your essence, for when you were a child you were embodying it open hearted and felt fragile in the world. 

Now you can. You can come back in. In contact with your essence. 

Be willing to cross the emotions without fearing them. 

Become the warm blanket that envelops your inner child. 

Be the Angel who embraces him.

Who creates boundaries for her. 

Who is aware of his worth.

Aware of what is best for her and what is no longer needed. 

Be that part of you that lovingly and wisely whispers to his ear “share yourself with those who look to you in the eyes. With those who respect you. Do not fear loneliness. Choose without compromise. Without excuses.”

The Angel does not fear excuses, he sees through them to find the inner truth.

You will no longer need to judge, for you will be in a space of complete freedom and capable of building your life upon your intuition and feelings. You will be able to say no without compromising, emotional chords, guilt, lack of self acceptance, and rejection. 

Being connected to Existence you will no longer be alone, and you will give yourself permission to choose, no longer fearing judgments…for you are aware of who you are (embracing your limits, your potential, and your gifts) and especially of your intention. 

 Especially of what is for the highest good of your Heart. 

If you will be this Angel for yourself you will be an Angel also for others. 

In its true meaning. 

To be angel for other means to truly see them. Letting go of emotional chords and being firm when is needed. Letting go of codependency. To be a silent warmth that doesn’t NEED to demonstrate to attract attention or over caring, and let everyone walk their path.

You will see everyone as a child and you will no longer feel the need to judge, you will farewell without feeling you are abandoning, with love and no judgment. To say NO firmly, for when you respect yourself, you respect your inner Truth, and you respect the entire world. 

There’s no more sacrifice, only Freedom, and Heart.  The more you’ll embody it the more you’ll recognise who stands in front of you, as you can recognise all parts of yourself. 

The more you will embody it, the more you’ll recognise that the one who judges (and you as well) is only looking at himself, for the one who truly SEES looks with compassion and love to the limitations of others. As for their own. 

Accept that everyone is on their path, as you are on your own. 

You can choose with Compassion and Firmness, with Peace in your Heart.

Sara Surti 


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