One-on-one Consultation with Sara Surti


Channeling and interpretation of the Birth Chart trough Quantum Astrology ( Astrologia Quantistica ® ) AND Self-work trough the metod of Inner Alchemy.  

  You will be guided to discover and remember Discover the “Golden Thread” that connects all that has happened to you with all that you’ve come here to accomplish and create.
To interpret your Life Path remembering the Keys and the Purpose of Your Design. The meaning of what was and and the hidden opportunities to discover its Gifts.

During her work Sara becomes a clear vessel, a Void, in service for your soul to deliver you messages. These messages are intended to help you reclaim access to your soul mission and remember your Direction. The modalities she uses are unique, intended to fit the individual needs and alchemically release blockages, emotional wounds, memories of pain, etc.
Sara walks you by hand through your Inner Threshold allowing your potential to rise, transforming the matrix hidden in the unconscious mind -born through the conflict between inner and outer world, which still create behavioural patterns; therefore helping the alchemical transmutation of pain into evolutionary Gifts.
Through this transformative work you acquire full awareness of that Golden Thread, which is yours, individual and unique, and connects all that has happened to you with all that you’ve come here to accomplish and create in the Dharma.
It opens you eyes to the perfection of your Design, seeing it from the eyes of the soul, that consciously choose it. It helps you remember the alchemical Keys to make it Manifested and accompanies you to access and recognise the potential of your Heart.

Consultation will take About 90 minutes 

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